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Our team offers reliable mobility in passenger transportation for more than 30 years.
Phone Taxi Radio Association Klagenfurt e.V. (History):
Under the aspect of a best customer-oriented service in the taxi trade the phone was founded Taxi Radio Club Klagenfurt 1975. The merger of several individual companies into a consortium to the customer, several taxis which were accessible by a single number, are offered. This fact made it possible to gain the customer and the individual companies noticeable advantages in terms of economy, convenience, and vehicle variety.

Since then, members of the phone are taxi radio club successfully tried the wishes of their customers' needs. This service is now, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, achieved with help of modern means of communication and taxis.

The phone radio taxi association Klagenfurt has been officially registered on 19/12/1975 and registered at the ZVR number 213678428.

Wir are offering the following services:
- Airport-, & Railway-Transfers (home & abroad)
- Ship-Transfers to/from Trieste, Venice, Rijeka
- Shuttle-Service
- Sightseeing (hired car with driver)
- Daily Rides (Concerts, Exhibitions etc.)
- Medical Treatment Trips (discreet and comfortable)
- Staff-Shuttle (for companies)
- Mini vans transports, postal and courier services

Taxi rates in Klagenfurt are strictly regulated by the authorities (Taxameter) and cost currently
€  1,00 per km, one way and return.
(basic fee: € 3,60)

Legal Regulations:
- Carinthian General Regulation for
- Passenger Transports

- Tarif Regulation for Carinthia

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